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for impact.

We are a leading technology company creating tools to help investors allocate capital sustainably.

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Next generation of ESG data
and analytics.

RGS is enabling the transition to ESG 2.0 by moving beyond traditional ESG data to provide the first-ever financial assessment of environmental and social impact at the product level.

Evolution of the ESG data landscape.

ESG 0.0

  • Focus on principles
  • Immaterial information
  • Focus on business involvement

ESG 1.0

  • Focus on policies
  • Opaque scores
  • Focus on firm operations

ESG 2.0

  • Focus on impact
  • Science-based data
  • Focus on products and services

transparency is
a human right.

Our mission is to create a more sustainable and inclusive economy. We have the right to know the real impact our decisions have on the planet and its people. This is why we are providing open access to our total impact data.

George Serafeim, Co-founder

Real impact in
financial terms.


Important for investors’ ability to allocate capital most effectively


Less likely to be biased and subject to ‘goodwashing’


Reflected in terms that can be integrated into decision-making


Reflected in terms that can be compared

ESG outcome metrics ESG issues in financial terms ESG issues in nonfinancial terms or scaled scores ESG input metrics

and ambitious.

The majority of ESG data offered by providers is either:

Raw ESG data: ESG information sourced directly from sustainability reports that have not been analyzed

ESG disclosure scores: an assessment or proxy for the level and quality of disclosure, rather than the real performance on ESG issues

ESG ratings: an evaluation of ESG performance benchmarked to the performance of industry/sector peers, based mostly on input metrics

RGS is offering information that is based on outcome metrics and expressed in financial terms.

on products.

The most significant way an organization impacts the world is through the sale of its products and services. These impacts are most likely to be financially material, which is why product impacts are the source of our focus. RGS is the first-ever provider of granular information on downstream-product impacts that accurately capture environmental and social costs and benefits.

Upstream-supply chain impacts:



Operational impacts:



Downstream-product impacts:



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