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We want to revolutionize the way businesses calculate their success. We have already aligned our efforts with the Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI), the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the European Union (EU) taxonomy to be the first-ever technology company providing impact data and analytics that supports the creation of positive impact for the planet and its people.

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Real Impact inFinancial Terms (RIFT) $0.00 Companies across industries have beenranked according to categories alignedwith the IWAI framework. Our ranking isthe first of its kind that can accuratelycapture external impacts companies havethrough their products and services.Results are expressed in monetary termsto allow for comparability. Average product impact per $ of revenue Water Utilities $0.48

Transforming the decision-making process.

Our foundation is a scientific, rigorous approach to merging the worlds of sustainability and data science, bringing together experts in ESG investing with technology leaders versed in the worlds of AI and machine learning. We are motivated by this potential of technology and data to exponentially improve the decision-making process of ESG investors.

We work hard to make a deep
and meaningful impact in the world.

We offer a new way to understand impact by doing what no one has before: placing a dollar value on the impact that companies’ products and operations have on people and the planet. We believe that what gets measured gets managed, and that is why we need to adequately measure those impacts before we build tools to help investors with their decision-making process.

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